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Class and Subject

Learningand objective

Initially envisaged

Learning Objective realized or not

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Develop pronunciation through rhymes

English Class I

Correlate near to far

Activities : Singing rhymes with gestures, drawing picture of a happy boy and a happy girl, drawing and colouring a red house

Yes, properly sung, correct pronuntiation

Drawing and Colouring

Smt. Deepanvita Chaudhary



Children will draw car with their own imagination

Class III

Sub Maths

Concept of side view, front view & top view

Activity : Different drawing of car is collected children. Teacher classify them according to different view, children understand different views of an object

Now the class is divided into three group one group draws top view of their compass box, second group will draw side view and third group will draw the front view.



Collect a bread piece and a card board box

Class V


To know by experimentation that food spoils quickly when there is humidity

Activity : bread is kept in a box. It is moisted with water. Every day chages on the bread is observed and picture is drawn of fungus

With discussion children give examples of foodspoilage. Know how the food is spoiled by smelling or from some outgrowth on the food



Children will collect leaves

Class III


Leaves are of different shapes, sizes & colour

Activity : Classify leaves according to their shapes size or margins of leaf. Take rubbing of leaf

Learn names of leaves and identify them by their shape & size.



Take a graph paper. Draw square and rectangle on it

Class III

Sub Maths

Paste the cutting of figures drawn on graph paper. Stick them in their notebook. Find area by counting the squares.

Children do is with accuracy & find the area. Also learns the concept of area