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KVS CCE Scheme:    KVS Introduced CCE from III to X


The KVS has introduced CCE from classes III to X from the academic session 2010-2011.  A suggestive calendar of activities / programme for scholastic and co-scholastic areas has been prepared to provide guidelines for implementation.  However, for class IX and X the CBSE pattern may be followed.  The calendar of activities in respect of class II to V will be available shortly on the website.

The proposed guidelines includes month wise split-up syllabus along with areas to be assessed under Formative and Summative Assessment.

It has been prepared with an inherent flexibility providing freedom to the teachers to implement it with suitable amendments (modification/ wherever required without diluting the objectives of CCE.

The term wise weightage would be as follows:

I Term (April – September)

FA1 – 10%     ( pen-paper test)

FA2 – 10%

SA1 – 30%     ( pen-paper test)

II Term (October  -  March)

FA3 – 10%     ( pen-paper test)

FA4 – 10%

SA2 – 30%     ( pen-paper test)

Total Term -1 and Term -2

FA1+FA2+FA3+FA4 = 40%

SA1 + SA2                  = 60%

Total                           = 100%

Grade Marks Range Grade Point
A1 93-100 10.0
A2 83-92 9.0
B1 73-82 8.0
B2 63-72 7.0
C1 53-62 6.0
C2 43-52 5.0
D1 33-42 4.0
D2 23-32 3.0
E 22 and below 2.0

CGPA   =      Total Grade Point / No of Subjects


  1. The schedule for FA2 and FA4 may be decided at school level.
  2. The progress report card may be printed as per CBSE format (IX-X) but separately for Class VI, VII & VIII.